JMG Sound – MIRROR Download


The JMG Sound – MIRROR plugin is a powerful audio effect plugin designed to create mesmerizing and immersive soundscapes.

With a wide range of customizable parameters, it allows users to manipulate and shape the audio signals in real-time, adding depth, space, and dimension to any audio source.

Whether you’re working on music production, film sound design, or any creative audio project, the JMG Sound – MIRROR plugin is a versatile tool that can take your sound creations to a whole new level.

Imagine a plugin that sees the future. It flips your audio, applies effects, and plays it back before the event even starts.

This plugin automatically creates everyone’s favorite reverse reverb and snare effects in seconds, letting you focus on the sound, not the process. So, JMG Mirror is the world’s first reverse negative delay.

JMG Sound – MIRROR Download Free


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